YogoMotive – is yet another reason for yoga! 

To make it easier for you to practice whenever and whenever it feels like, we have created 2 simple and very handy iPhone and iPad apps, as well as an interactive website platform! The website platform is available to everyone and gives you a chance to create and publish your own asana sequences with the help of our unique asana constructor.

What makes our website good for you?

You teach yoga?

For you yougomotive.com – is a free online-platform, which you can use as a handy tool to communicate with your students and the rest of the world. Having registered as a teacher, you will be able to create your personal teacher-profile and illustrate your style and approach to teaching yoga by publishing the examples of your own asana sequences. How do you come about it? Easy! Choose the desired asanas out of our image library, order them and set the duration for each of the asanas.
Have a look at the already published sequences here.

You actively practice yoga? 

Would like to better organize and develop your self-practice?  For you we have a set of asana sequences examples, which are being updated as the number of teachers registering with us grows. Having registered on yogomotive.com you will be able to follow your teacher's recommendations, find and save the sequences you find interesting, or put together the sequences that you practiced in the class.
To have the access to all the website functions, please register.

If you would like to put the sequences together yourself, please register as a ´teacher´. Having registered as a student, you will only be able to save the sequences created by other users.

Our Apps

Our iPhone and iPad apps will help you organize and develop your self-practice. They are especially suitable for classical hatha yoga, which is based on static poses and concentration on breath and sensations. Using our libraries of basic asanas, you can create your own asana sequences by putting the asanas into the desired order and setting the duration for each one of them. Come up with various in terms of time frame and purpose asana sequences and enjoy practicing yoga wherever your are!


YogoMotive App features yoga teachers demonstrating each asana. In the high resolution images one can see all the important details of asana execution. Read through the YogoMotive instruction guide on our home page.

Yoji Yoga (currently for FREE)

YojiYoga app features our beloved character Yoji Yogi – have a look at him in any of the published sequences. Yojo Yoga app is similar to YogoMotive app in many ways: asana set and the functionality to create your own sequences. Yoji Yoga however is not supplemented by a variety of visual and acoustic backgrounds

"Everyone is unique and our bodies differ anatomically and physiologically, which is why you should not try to copy asanas exactly as you see them in the pictures. As examples we used the classical and most well-known ways to perform asanas, but there are many alternative ways of performing each one of them.The choice depends on the particularities and capabilities of your body, as well as the purposes of your practice. The physiological and therapeutic effect of yoga depends not only on the accuracy with which you imitate the illustration of an asana, but mainly on how you focus your attention, control your breathing and imagination. It is only possible to master this holistically with the help of a teacher you trust. Together you will explore your body and its abilities, learn how to perform asanas without injury, activate and develop your physical and psychological abilities. If you have already mastered basic yoga, YogoMotive can be a very useful tool for organising your personal yoga practice."

Dementy Luzik
Yoga teacher

Project team
  • Development: Eugene Kiyanov, Alexander Lipchansky (application), Julia Kouznetsova (website)
  • Graphic Design: Margarita Suslova (application), Anton Avilov (website)
  • Photographer: Nataly Shirokova
  • Music and sound by Mark Torosian, Vadim Ugriumov
  • Yoga teachers (photo): Dementy Luzik, Kate Shkuro
  • Yoga teachers (voice): Pavel Bukov, Anna Pankratova
  • Text Editor: Margo Terentyeva
  • Project Manager: Alina Moisseeva