How do people end up being yoga teachers?

Post by Liliya Rudakova,  30 March 2014 ,  Interview
Who? Anita Jóri 
Comes from Budapest, Hungary 
Lives in Berlin, Germany 
Yoga instructor, linguist 
Practices Agni, Vinyasa, Ashtanga for 3 year 
Has been teaching yoga for 1,5 years 

We spent a great Sunday morning with Anita, drinking tea, chatting and taking some cool pictures of her practicing yoga in Görlitzer Park.
Check out our short interview with Anita blow!

yoga at Görlitzer Park, Berlin

YM: How did it happen that you became a yoga teacher? 

Anita: It happened 3 years ago. A friend of mine was undertaking a teacher training course at the time and I came over to her class. I loved it right away and ended up practicing every single day! Then I thought… Why not share my knowledge with others? I studied pedagogy at the university and teaching has always been an important part of my life. “Giving” is the keyword for that. “Giving” something good to the others.

camel pose, yoga, berlin

YM: We start a phrase, you finish it up, deals? :) 
Anita: Okay!

I have always been fascinated by healthy lifestyle. 
I practice yoga, because easily it makes me happy and it teaches me many unexpected things. 
I will always remember the day, when I listened to my first Aphex Twin track - Analogue Bubblebath. 
My parents were scared, when I became vegan 8 years ago. With the time they realised, that I’m fine and nothing bad is happening to me. :) 
As far back as I remember myself, I was very often stressed. I could hardly deal with exams, conflicts at work etc. It has become way easier to deal with all those situations, after I have started to practice yoga.
The best praise for me, is when my yoga students smile after my class. 
The authority of a yoga teacher is the power of giving something nice to people. 
I don´t understand why yoga is not compulsory at school. 
I love listening to electronic music, therefore, I use my most favourite ambient, chill and experimental tracks during my classes.

And more pictures!
Picture credits go to HeartShapedBox.

Visualising the next posture!
yoga, berlin, görlitzer park

Always be yourself unless you can be a Warrior! Then always be a warrior! Virabhadrasana III
warrior 3, yoga, berlin, görlitzer park

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
upward facing dog, görlitzer park, berlin, yoga

Some forward bends...
forward bend, görlitzer park, berlin, yoga

And don´t forget to twist while hanging out in cafes this spring!
Ardha Matsyendrasana at a cafe

Thanks for your attention!
Thanks Anita!

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