I bend, so I won´t break!

Post by Liliya Rudakova,  19 April 2014 ,  Interview
"Be creative, improvise, when your body is asking for it. It will do you good, if it feels good. Simply remember, that we do not practice yoga for the sake of a certain result or perfection, but for the process, for the bliss of being in the moment. Mindfulness is the ultimate goal. "


Who? Anna, Yoga teacher
Comes from Ryazan, Russia
Has been practicing hatha and ashtanga yoga for 5 years.
Has been teaching for 2 years.
Has become a teacher to inspire people to practice.

Our friend and great photographer Vera Zefir spent a day with Anna, made some stunning pictures and conducted this short interview. Read on... 


YM: As per usual, we start with a phrase, our interviewees finish them up! 
Let´s see what Anna has come up with. 

I was born happy. 
I have always been fascinated by human beings. 
I practice yoga honestly. 

standing forward bend

If there were no limitations in my life I would´ve traveled the world. 
I will always remember the day when my father cried. 
In life one often finds himself in such a situation when one doesn't know how to live on. 
Everything is dual in nature which is indispensable to Harmony. 

By the way I don't think I'm growing up. 


The best praise for me is 'thank you'.
In different countries people practice for different reasons.
I don't understand politics. 

A mere thought of cats makes me feel better.

upward facing dog

Human heart is God's one.
I have been reproached for being too emotional.
Just a few years ago I was a different me.
I have never had a chance to stay silent for a few days.
Looking back I still don't understand how it all happened to me.
I love .(full stop)
Our mind craves for being cleared.
We live in the world of miracles.
We will all die alone.
It might as well be tomorrow.

Everyone gets tiered sometimes.


I am the most lazy person in the world.
Why not sing out loud!  
Happiness is not something readymade, is it?

This is my simple religion – God is the center of me, I'm the center of God.


Thank you Anna, was great to get to know you better! 
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