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Post by Liliya Rudakova,  9 November 2014 ,  Interview
Our today´s blog hero is Anna Kurtsevich — a little crazy, spontaneous, but at the same time very focused, goal oriented and disciplined, yoga teacher currently based in Padova, Veneto, Italy. Originally from Minsk, Belarus, Anna first moved to Germany to study Industrial design, successfully graduated, but eventually found her true purpose in yoga. Now she is happy doing what she must in her small yoga studio in Italy, where she moved for love.

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Hanumanasana, split

We will start with our favourite question. What brought you to yoga, Anna?

Before I discovered yoga, I had pretended to be happy. I worked as an industrial designer: created, analysed, developed. My brain was always in motion, restless, full of ideas & thoughts about future. I just thought too much.

But then the right moment came and yoga silently entered my life to change it completely. I started to stretch my body and mind searching for my authentic self. By stretching my body, discovering its boundaries & limits I started reaching the edge of my comfort zone, which helped me to find more strength. 

uttanasana, yoga at home, flowers

I followed my passion, listening to my inner voice and the voices around me, this way I finally started to dream big & beautiful. 

After finishing yoga teacher’s training I immediately started to teach. My dream was to open a yoga studio & I went all the way to Italy to do so. I moved to Italy, Veneto, opened a small studio there and started teaching, not even speaking proper Italian. But somehow my students and me managed to find a common language. I’ve been very grateful for that! They’ve been perfect teachers for me. 

I am happy to say, that Anna’s Yoga has been around for approximately 1 year now. It has many beautiful italian students who have slowly started to understand me and let yoga into their lives and hearts. My work is growing and expanding, the workshops in Venice will follow very soon. Italy needs more yoga!

Yoga at home: Compass Pose, Konasana

If you had to choose 3 adjectives to describe yourself, what would they be? 

The whole Universe is inside me with all of it’s qualities. I’m an energy bundle: burning, powerful & positive. And pure joy!
yoga at home

What yoga styles do you practice? 

I started off with Hatha yoga & a bit of Iyengar ages ago and really enjoyed both, but the I discovered dynamic yoga styles, intensity & breath work! I love burning, expanding the boundaries, going deeper, feeling limitless energy of body & soul, limitless me. After trying Jivamukti Yoga out, I have started to practice it with much passion. 

My teaching style is a mix of Alignment based Vinyasa yoga flow, inspired by Jivamukti teachings. It rocks!

Yoga at home with Anna Kurtsevich

What is the major source of inspiration for you?

The ocean, the movement, the change, the transformation, the silence… & the Hanuman!

Yoga at home

If you had one wish, what would it be?

To know who I really am or to become a superwoman, being able to fly… The main superhero for me is Hanuman, a Hindu god & the central character of the indian epic Ramayana, who reaches Lanca through flight. I would love to be a HanumAnna! Ahaha! It is just a today’s wish, tomorrow it will be a different one.

Upward Facing dog

Do you have a universal piece of advice for everyone, who wants to start practicing yoga? 

Just do it & the rest will come. Be disciplined & strong if you want to find the way to the authentic self. Take a deep breath in & just start today!
With Love,

Anna Kurtsevich, windowsill

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