Breath In Happiness

Post by Liliya Rudakova,  28 July 2014 ,  Interview
This time it´s not really an interview, rather some thoughts and reflections on yoga and breathing. Who´s speaking?

Please meet Phill Dunsky. He´s been practising Sri Sri yoga for the last 6 years. 3 years ago he took up teaching. 

Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Phill Dunsky

Probably similarly to everyone else, I have been trying to ´find myself´my whole life. As a child I felt the presence of magic everywhere, but then the magic vanished into the thin air, it was simply gone. I moved on, but repeatedly lost myself on the way, at some point to drugs. I was lucky enough however to end up at a yoga class one day. 

Sri Sri Yoga Teacher

By breathing deeply and evenly one can always bring oneself to the present moment, breath is one of the few things that is always with us, it´s always´here and now´.
What is yoga for you? For me it´s the philosophy and practice of everything what people say about happiness. The philosophy that you can put to the test by practicing. 

Phill Sri Sri Yoga Teacher

For some time you might have a feeling, that nothing major is really happening, but then half a year, a year pass by and you see how everything have changed for you - body, mind, emotions, intuition. But most importantly, your connection to the inner self is becoming stronger.

yoga, feet

You suddenly become more alive and effective in everything.

yoga, feet, yogi toe

In our lives we continuously accumulate emotional and physical blocks that restrain us and keep away from living to the full, from who we really are. We remain some sort of partial versions of our true selves. With the help of breathing we can gradually loosen those binds and eventually get rid of them at all. Everyone knows that breathing is one of the sources of energy. It´s just that no one ever taught us how to use it.
Once we learn how to do it, it´s only up to us whether to be happy or not. 

headstand, Sri Sri yoga

Thanks to Phill Dunsky for sharing his thought, thanks to Vera Zephir for the photos. 
Translation from Russian into English by Liliya.

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