Who is Mr. Thurman?

Post by Liliya Rudakova,  11 April 2014 ,  Interview
Yoga teacher and actor, healer, Certified Ohashiatsu Instructor, son of Robert Thurman, brother of Uma Thurman. His name in Tibetan means “great bliss,” and he is indeed a bliss for all of his students and friends. He rarely gives straight answers to questions, telling the stories from Indian and Tibetan mythology instead. But for our blog he made an exception — or at least he tried. 

Dechen Thurman, Berlin, Jivamukti

YM: As per usual, we start with a phrase, our dear blog guests finish them up.

I was born under a winter solstice full moon. 
My parents are spiritual parents to a generation of western Buddhists. 
If there were no limitations in my life I would pilot a starship into the center of the sun.

Jivamukti Teacher

I will always remember the day, when Muhammad Ali and I made a whole auditorium laugh in New Delhi.  
Jivamukti used to be funky east village vegan yoga.  Now it is GLOBAL SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM COMMUNITY.
In life I often find myself in such a situation when no matter how hard I try to please everyone, more people are angry than satisfied. 
Everything has a dual nature except the inescapable forces of gravity and magnetism.
As far back as I remember myself, I was a polar bear in a past life and I ate puffer seals and was shot to death by hunters driving a jeep. 

When I was growing up, I thought everyone had Tibetan refugee families and monks living in their house with them. 

Jivamukti Teacher, berlin, roof

I am really fascinated by people like Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima's animals. Where does he find the inner strength to support the unspoken for animals living in radioactive conditions? 

By the way, my favorite superhero is Kurt Wagner, the "Nightcrawler" of the X-men. 

Jivamukti Teacher, roof, berlin, arm balance
The best praise for me is non-verbal participation. 
The authority of a yoga teacher is only applicable to themselves, or those who individually request it and are accepted under specific, impermanent conditions. 
I don´t understand why the rich have to make poor people poorer, just to feel that something was accomplished. Fairness, Happiness and Honor are superior to wealth. 

YM: It was so much fun, Dechen! Thank you for the laughs! Come back soon, Jivamukti Berlin misses you.

Intro by Zinaida Finarova
Photo by Anna Bernhardt
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