OM for the Holidays

Post by Liliya Rudakova,  31 December 2014 ,  News
New Year is almost there and we, like many others (it´s only human), would like to look back on the year 2014 and thank it for the wonderful people we got to know and all the new experiences we were through.

The year was full of change and turbulence, generally in the world and in private lives. We tend to resist the change, take it negatively, agonize about it; we are scared of loosing what we have, instead of looking forward to finding something new and different. Hard times draw people closer, make them value the simple pleasures and those who are always there for them more. This is just one of the reasons to appreciate the rainy days.

When the news feeds are full of discouraging news, it seems out of place to post our "carefree" yoga stuff and we wondered whether we should continue doing so or stay quiet to express solidarity. We chose to stick to what we are doing, since there should always be space for a smile. 

Our first blog post came out in March 2014, so we are less than a year old so far! The past 9 months were great though! We interviewed and made friends with some wonderful people. In this post we would like to remember them all and say "Thank you":

Anita Jori, a teacher of Agni yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa from Budapest. Anita has a great voice – deep and gentle – really helps to relax and go deeper into the practice! We should take up our investigation of Berlin-yoga studios, Anita! 
Anita Yori Agni Yoga at Gorlize Park Berlin.jpg

Dechen Thurman, our beloved super-star Jivamukti teacher from New York. Always looking forward to Dechen´s classes, at which you never know what to expect. 
Jivamukti Teacher Dechen Thurman Roof Top Berlin

Anna, an inhumanly flexible teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa from Russia, Ryazan´. 
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Anna Russia.jpg

Anne Haack, a very creative yoga teacher, who is also a DJ and an artist, fond of Peacocks! Anne is full of energy and wisdom. Take me to more shamanic rituals, Anne! The cocoa one was great! 
cross legged position Anne Haack Raw Berlin

Ewelina Bubanja – yoga teacher, lifestyle blogger, photographer and a designer passionate about holistic nutrition and well-being. Hope we´ll manage to meet in person in the coming year! 

Ewelina Bubanja, Yoga in Treptower Park

Phill Dunsky – Sri Sri yoga teacher, the possessor of a beautiful, peaceful smile, who told us, how to breath in happiness. 
Sri Sri Yoga Teacher

Anna Koblova, ballet dancer at The Bolshoi Theatre Moscow, contemporary dancer, actress, mother of a 3-year-old daughter, who shared her thoughts on the benefits of yoga. 
Anna Koblova, ballet dancer at The Bolshoi Theatre Moscow

Alexandra Slavnova, who has recently rediscovered her love for drawing, which is a special form of meditation for her. Was nice seeing you again and thanks for the beautiful pictures! One of them is below.
Yoga Illustration

Unstoppable Rima Danielle – a sunny yoga teacher, full of great ideas and plans to make this world a better place. Hope we´ll meet in Lebanon one day ;)
Costa Rima, Side Plank Pose, Vasisthasana

Annakathryn Carlson – will never forget what made her start practicing yoga! Keep it real! :D
Yoga on the beach, cross legged position, peace, sun

Blissful Chara – beautiful and charismatic. Good luck with your mission and thanks for the thoughtful emails, good to be on your mailing list. 
Chara - yoga therapist and Ayurvedic practitioner, arm balance

Crazy HanumAnna, who is on a mission to bring more yoga to Italy. You are always welcome in Berlin, Anna! 
Hanumanasana, split

YogoGirls –  looking for stunning yoga photography? Then check the project of Debby and Michelle, you will get hooked at once!
Eka pada on wheel!

Music for our SoundCloud and MixCloud: Anne Haack and Yegor Gulyaev.
And The Team > see in About :)

Also thanks to our contributors: Zuzana Friday, my lovely ex-colleague, who took part in her first yoga retreat and shared he impressions with us, Kokil Sharma who wrote a fun yoga listicle for us.

Thank you all for supporting YogoMotive. We will keep it up and will devote more time to finding interesting inspiring people, who will contribute to it by sharing their stories and their work.

Happy New Year! And OM for the Holidays.


Alina, Liliya and Yoji Yog ;)

be kind by Yoji Yoga

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