Sun Salutation on a Chair

Post by Yoji Yog,  6 April 2015 ,  Asana
We thought it would be nice to illustrate a seated variation of sun salutation. And it´s not only lazy bones, that we had in mind, when working on the infograph - we do care about their well-being though, can´t blame them for their addiction to chilling and comfy chairs. Our primary target audience in this case however are frequent travellers and office prisoners. 

Here is a simple 15 minute routine for those who spend most of their days at the computer or on a bus/train/plane. Add deep breathing to it and you’ll be calming your mind as well.

Seated surya namaskar

Let us take talk you through the sequence: 

0. Begin with your hands in prayer at the heart, upper arms lifted parallel to the floor. Press your fingers together firmly, pointing slightly away from the chest.
Your feet are under your knees, the knees in line with the hip joints. Keep your feet firm on the floor or whatever surface you have under your feet. Exhale.

1. On the inhale  extend the prayer up to the ceiling  urdhva hastasana.

2. As you exhale deeply, go all the way down, your hollow belly is on you thighs, press your hands against the floor  hands in one line with your feet.

3. As you inhale, take your right foot to the chest, keep your back straight and relaxed. 

4. As you exhale, put your forehead down to your knee and then place your foot back on the floor.

5. On the deep inhale put your prayer up. 

6. Deep exhale  all the way down. 

And repeat the sequence on the left side. See how Yoji Yog does it in the picture. The cat is there to remind you about the breath! When you are done sit quietly and breath evenly for at least a minute. Observe your breath and the changes in your body - the spinal column, posture. Make sure your shoulders and your face are relaxed. 

The sequence can be repeated several times, always switch from one side to the other. Hope it will help your release tension in your joints, as well as relax and energise you!

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Hope you find it helpful!


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