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Post by Liliya Rudakova,  17 November 2014 ,  Interview
It´s a double-interview today  with YoGoGirls. Who are YoGoGirls?
Debby & Michelle are 2 badass photographers, passionate cyclists, inventive yoginis and inspiring single moms with a ton of unbridled energy. Their works are bright, dynamic, sometimes a bit edgy, but always stylish and fun!

How did it all start? Why yoga? ... Keep on reading!
Eka pada on wheel!

You girls are photographers, graphic designers, athletes, generally into an exciting active lifestyle, yoga is one of those numerous activities you are passionate about. However the name of your project is YoGoGirls, not BikeGirls or FunAthletes, whatnot! Why has yoga become the central theme of your project?

Yoga has changed each of our lives. It helped us find balance in chaos and calm in turbulance. We are both very active, single moms who own separate marketing companies. Yoga has taught each of us the power of just being, accepting what is. And, it is, of the activities we do, the most photogenic. So that’s part of why it appears as the central activity for us.

Do you stick to any particular yoga style in your practice? 

We like all yoga and support any variety, but we both tend toward the more physical end of a yoga practice and have recently discovered acro yoga more. We love a challenge and always look for classes & teachers who offer us this. 

YoGoGirls: handstand

How do you personally benefit from yoga practice?

There is nothing we’ve found to date that can help us focus and derive even more creativity than rolling out our mats and centering through some yoga.

Have you ever thought of becoming yoga teachers? 

We are often asked this. While the training would help us deepen our practice, and we may fit it in for this reason, neither of us feels compelled to teach yoga. We feel yoga classes offer students more than exercise and stretching. Being a yoga teacher is also being a spiritual guide to others. It’s a big responsibility. As of now, we feel like guiding our children is our primary focus. And we love doing this. 


If you had one wish, what would it be?

For 3 more wishes. :) Kidding (kinda).
We would wish that our commitment to YoGoGirls would inspire women to love their bodies and to try something new that stretches their boundaries and helps them grow in self-love.


It is interesting to know your opinion about the “yoga selfie” trend, since your work contributes to it too in a way. 

First, we should mention that we began @yogogirls — our yoga art gallery on Instagram - as a fun thing that we both were playing around with a year ago. Since, we have witnessed the overwhelming, powerful beauty in creating stunning images of women in all levels of poses. We recognize that we are in our physical body for a finite number of years. Our bodies will age, wrinkle, stiffen, and weaken over time. Our yoga practice may shift, and may need to become gentler, but appreciating our bodies and what they allow us to do now is self-loving and a practice of gratitude. We hope YoGoGirls inspires women to try something outside their comfort zone and to feel beautiful in their practices, to be grateful and amazed now.

YoGoGirls: arm balances, yellow

It´s very inspiring to meet people like you. Living their dreams, bridging their passions and making them their occupation. What would be your advice to someone currently trying to discover their inner talents? 

Surround yourself with loving, supportive people and always be your own champion. Keep reminding yourself why you love doing what you do, and it will create the joy that drives you to continue discovering your talents.

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